07.01 — 09.30.2020

Hengshan Award


The Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts establishes the Hengshan Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism (Hengshan Award) to facilitate calligraphy discussion and development. It aims to discover and cultivate talented calligraphy researchers and critiques to conduct research and criticism on contemporary calligraphy, focusing on its locality and internationality, tradition and innovation, and theory and practice.

Application Requirement
This event is open to participants of all ages, nationalities, and places of residence.

Award Categories and Guidelines

The Hengshan Award consists of two categories, Calligraphy Research and Calligraphy Criticism. Participants can submit a maximum of one entry for each category and can submit an entry for both categories at the same time. The entry must be in Chinese; if it is written in another language, Chinese translation of the entry must be attached. The entry must be written within three years; not has been released (e.g., been discussed in speeches, documented on the Internet, or published); not has won any award and/or received any grant; not has been submitted in other events; and not be a translation or rewriting of previously written articles.

Rewards and Number of Participants Awarded
1. 研究論文:橫山研究獎一名,每名獎金十五萬元、獎狀乙紙。優選二至三名,每名獎金三萬元、獎狀乙紙。
2. 藝術評論:橫山評論獎一名,每名獎金十萬元、獎狀乙紙。優選二至三名,每名獎金兩萬元、獎狀乙紙。
3. 獲獎作品將出版並舉辦頒獎典禮。
1. Calligraphy Research: (1) Hengshan Award for Calligraphy Research: awarded to one participant, who will receive a certificate of merit and NTD150,000; and (2) Merit Award: awarded to two to three participants, who will each receive a certificate of merit and NTD30,000.
2. Calligraphy Criticism: (1) Hengshan Award for Calligraphy Criticism: awarded to one participant, who will receive a certificate of merit and NTD100,000; and (2) Merit Award: awarded to two to three participants, who will each receive a certificate of merit and NTD20,000.
3. The winning entries will be published and an award ceremony will be held for said entries.

panel of judges

The Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts will invite experts and scholars to form review committees to review the entries in an anonymous manner.

(評審委員依中文姓氏筆劃排列  in the order of the number of strokes in the surnames)

Calligraphy Research
白謙慎Qianshen Bai
李郁周Yu-Chou Li
河內利治Kawachi Toshiharu
麥青龠Ching-Yueh Mai
盧慧紋Hui-Wen Lu
Calligraphy Criticism
邱振中Zhengzhong Qiu
金炳基Kim Byeong-Gi
廖新田Hsin-Tian Liao
鄭芳和Fang-Ho Cheng
謝佩霓Peini Beatrice Hsieh


關於本館 About Us
The mission of the Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center is to preserve, study, develop, and promote Taiwanese calligraphic art and for regional cultural features to take shape through studies and educational endeavors focusing on calligraphy. The objective is also to facilitate international exchanges based on the art form. It is anticipated for deep-rooted development of calligraphy to take place in Taoyuan and also throughout Taiwan, where the art form’s rich and distinctive cultural energy may blossom and thrive.

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