The Hengshan Calligraphy Award aims to promote calligraphy exhibitions and creations that are of zeitgeist and pioneering perspectives in various forms and contents.

Nominations & Registrations

The Hengshan Calligraphy Award (“Hengshan Award” hereinafter) is open to entries by both nominations and registrations. Any exhibition held between 1st of June, 2018 to 30th of June, 2021 under the theme of calligraphy art is eligible.

  •  1. Nominations:
    1. Hengshan Award invites experts and individuals who are prominent in the relevant area as nominators to identify the genuine excellence of exhibitions that are eligible to Hengshan Award.
    2. Hengshan Award is open to nominations anywhere in the world. Both solo exhibition and group exhibition are welcome.
  •  Registrations:
    1. Online Registrations:Applicants shall fill the online registration form on the website of Hengshan Award, and upload the relevant records or documentations of the exhibition, such as the list of artists, the introduction of exhibiton works, the records of exhibition or performance (in text/image/video), or the relevant news coverage or critiques, before the registration deadline.
    2. Eligibility:All exhibitions themed with calligraphy art, at home and abroad, held by individual or group between 1st of June, 2018 to 30th of June, 2021 are eligible for registration. In the event of a joint exhibition, one individual should be designated as the representative. Double registration is prohibited. For registration of a group, one representative is to be designated as the representative to receive the notice from the Organizer and the prize.
    3. Entry Specifications:Submission of graphic files is limited to the static image in the form of JPG and the size of 1 MB for each. For digital works, audio, and video files, please provide the link to the file on YouTube or Vimeo with the length of 5 minutes maximum.

Selection Process

There are three phases in the selection process of Hengshan Award: the eligibility review, the preliminary review, and the secondary review.

  •  The Eligibility Review:The review on the eligibility of the submitted documents.
  •  The Preliminary Review:The review on the nomination files and registration materials by the invited experts and scholars, to decide the shortlist of the award.
  •  The Secondary Review:The review on the shortlist by the invited experts and scholars, to decide the recipients of Hengshan Award.
    1. The curators or representatives of the exhibitons on the shortlist are required to attend the review meeting to elaborate the ideas and contents of the exhibition (15 minutes for an oral presentation and 15 minutes for the following Q&A session).
    2. The time and the venue for the review meeting will determined by Hengshan Award Committee. The absence without former notification will be regarded as the withdraw of the application to Hengshan Award.


  •  The Hengshan Award * 1:A prize of NT$250,000 (tax included), with the award certificate, and an invitation to organize a new exhibition at the Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center in 2022.
  •  The Merit Award * 3:A prize of NT$100,000 (tax included) with the award certificate.
  •  The Selected Award:The recipients will be granted with the awawrd certificate.


The recipieent of “Hengshan Award” will be invited to hold an exhibition at Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center. The exhibition date is to be coordinated with the Hengshann Calligraphy Art Center regarding the exhibition nature and the available time slot. .


  1. The exhibition entry, nominated or registered, shall be themed with calligraphy art.
  2. Plagiarism, piracy, or violation of laws or regulations pertaining to copyright with regard to an entry, nominated or registered, as well as the proposal and content thereof, is prohibited. In the event of any litigation arising from disputes concerning the violation of copyright or other laws or regulations, upon a resolution approved by the Hengshan Award Committee or judgment by court or last resort, the Organizer is entitled to disqualify such entry involved. Any infringement of a third party’s right is the sole responsibility of the applicant as the Organizer takes no responsibility thereof.
  3. An income tax of 10% of the awarded amount shall be withheld for the award recipient who is an individual residing in the Republic of China, and that of 20% of the awarded amount for the award recipient who is an individual residing elsewhere.
  4. An award will not be presented in the event of no entry meets the jury criteria.
  5. The award recipient (individual or group) is required to participate in the promotional activities pertaining to the Award.
  6. The award recipient is required to enter a contract with the Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, in order to detail the rights and obligations of both parties.
  7. The applicants are deemed having read and agreed to the terms and conditions herein upon registration. The Guide may be amended or supplemented with regard to any unsettled issue. The Organizer reserves the right to make change hereto and announce such change.



  • Contact :Mr. Yang, Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center
  • Phone:+886-3-287-6176 ext.101
  • Email:tmofa.hcac@gmail.com
  • Write an email to TMoFA if you have questions or make a phone call during office hours (Mon. to Fri., 9am to 5pm GMT+8)